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UAS Drones

Unmanned Aircraft Systems Drones

The latest standard of Inspections embraces drones that master the art of data collection efficiently. 

UAV technology has encouraged industries to diverse practices.

Fusion Technology has officially become the only authorized dealer for DJI Enterprise (largest commercial drone manufacturers in the world) enterprise drones. 

Where DJI owns over 70% of the global commercial drone business and FQT is the sole agency for this type of drone in Qatar.

Currently, Fusion Technology activates in supplying all types of enterprise drones and required related training. 

In addition, we provide different industrial drone services such as oil & gas, telecommunication, site inspection, public safety, etc.

Our Partners

It is with our unswerving partner support, seamless integration and implementation of tech services have been possible across industries.

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Our head office address

Our head office address

6th Floor, Amara Building #73 Ibn Mahmoud Street, Doha, Qatar.

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Contact Number

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