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Innovation and technology services in Qatar are a growing sector, with a focus on developing and implementing new technologies to improve various industries and sectors within the country. These services can include research and development, innovation consulting, technology incubation and acceleration, and other specialized services aimed at fostering innovation and driving technological advancement.

Holographic technology

It consists of two main products that can be used in a variety of fields of activity:

Holographic Training
The holographic training can be done as a Complete or as an Augmented method.
The complete holographic training replaces the need to have an instructor in the classroom, especially for lectures where the interaction with the students is limited. The interaction method is done via LMS (learning management system).

The augmented holographic training still requires an instructor but the holograms are used as complementary tools to assist the instructor in the training process. The holographic equipment can reproduce the instructor and the training materials in real life size and shape.

Holographic Marketing
It comes in different sizes and shapes to meet the requirement and can reproduce any product or service as video rendering transformed into a hologram. Also, it can be done as augmented hologram that interacts with real life objects.

Multi-axis platforms

The motions platforms consist of electric motion platforms from 1 put to 6 axis that can be used for various applications as flight simulator, vehicle simulator, ship simulator, crane simulator and other.

Motion platforms are developed on demand given the specification requirements (range of motion, payload, motion speeds, size of platform).

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